It looks like Apple’s Safari browser on iOS might be getting some nice new features, detected thanks to changes to code in WebKit, the browser engine that makes it tick behind the scenes.

9to5Mac has spotted that changes to the code include a new potential option to let users override “the system color scheme with a per-website preference.”

That sounds a lot like you’ll be able to set a custom preference on your most visited sites to always use either dark mode or light mode, regardless of what time of day it is or what your wider system is displaying.

If it is incoming, it’s a welcome change given that some websites offer dark or light modes that you might not actually love using all that much.

Another apparent tweak will impact how pop-up adverts can work on the browser, restricting their ability to use system-level modal pop-ups that look like iOS alerts.

Again, while they’re not too common these types of ads can be deceptive and annoying, so we’re happy to hear that Apple is continuing to take them on with updates.

None of the changes that 9to5Mac has spotted are guaranteed to make it to live users, of course, but you’d assume that Apple is at least testing them with a mind to releasing them down the line.

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